10 Major Reasons To Not Suicide.

1It’s a bad idea.

   Suicide is the worst idea to even think about. Well thinking to act like cannibal isn’t good either but, suicide is a VERY BAD idea.

2. It’s selfish.

   Well hypothetically lets assume you commit a suicide, Now tell me how did that help the people around you? well your enemies are happy but what about the people who love you? They are DEVASTATED!!

3. Care about your Parents.

   The people who are with you and taking care of you since the day you were born were not really waiting for you to suicide. They can’t handle that fact. You committing a suicide is a recipe for disaster for them. THINK ABOUT THEM before doing something so selfish. It might even lead to mental disorder for them or a Cardiac Arrest, You don’t want that to happen with your parents…Do you?

4.You’re too awesome.

    Think about it.. You are made from billions of cells and you have the capability to rule a country by being a president or a prime minister. you can invent something. You have that capability!! You can do things which many others cannot do. You’re too awesome. Don’t let mother Earth lose its, one hell of a awesome kid. 😉


5. Love yourself.

  You hate everyone else? No big deal! But you gotta love yourself. As I mentioned you’re awesome and people love you and so you gotta love yourself. And if you already love yourself, then how can you kill your love? Not a good idea right? Embrace your love! 🙂

i love me

7. You are smart enough.

  We all know that, you are smart and smart people don’t make such decisions. you gotta work it up! Smart people know to survive and you WILL! 

8. You love your friends.

   Think about those awesome friends you have. I bet every one has friends, and if you don’t. Think about the next Assassins Creed game or Call Of Duty or whatever you have as a substitute  instead of friends. Don’t disappoint your friends, who made you laugh, helped you in bad times, were there with you when you had a fight with your parents and took all your rant even when it was really annoying. Don’t make them sad. 

9. Time heals everything!

  No matter whatever happened to you that lead to the thought of suicide is not going to trouble you forever. Give your self time wait for a week and I bet you won’t think of suicide, at least not for the same reason.


10. You gotta read my posts 😛

  Though I am a fresher but still I am not that bad with my posts.. Am I? 😛 You gotta follow my blog and read my posts and give your reviews. Because you are beautiful and Awesome. :*

              Thanks for visiting and reading. Hope this post helped you. 🙂  


To My Future love.

 I am a lonely little heart who needs some love.

 I always keep looking high and low to find some love.

 I look at my right, I look at my left.

 I search around till I feel I want to rest.

 Finally my search came to an end when i first saw you.

 It was a feeling of happiness which came to me only because of you.

 Your eyes reminded me of the ocean which is blue,

 I wish I was the sky so I could be all over you.

 I felt your heart when you hugged me,

 It was a feeling of love which just craved me.

 I wish we could always be together reading books or gazing at sky,

 Your sweet voice always makes me high.

 We will always be together and I know it’s a fact,

 because we have each other’s brain which we can always intact.

 Now my poem comes to an end,

 because i have many things to say but less lines,

 I wish we will meet soon and dance in the gloomy light,

 because I am you’re Romeo and you’re my Juliet.

It was a short poem by me. Hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂

51 Thoughts We All Have While Preparing For Exams.

1) My exams are from tomorrow and I am not prepared.

2) I wish I had started studying since the start of my academic year.

3) I am not feeling fresh, I’ll start studying at 10 , It’s 9.30 currently.

“At 10:01 “

4) Never mind, I’ll start studying at 11 am.

“At 11:00”

5) I have so much portion left.

                      “Opens book”

6) “What the damn hell is this?” I don’t remember my teacher teaching me this.

7) I am going to fail.

8) What’s that stain on my study table?

9) I should clean it.

” Goes out of the room to get a cleaning cloth from the kitchen”

10) “burps!” I am full. Shit! I forgot the cleaning cloth.

11) its almost 12 noon.

12) I’ll study some other subject at 12.

           “12:01 pm”

13) Never mind, I’ll study at 1 pm. I’ll play some game on my play station/Xbox till then.


14) Well that was fun! I am all refreshed and ready to study.

15) I should put my cell on silent.

“Starts texting friends”


16) Well I better start studying now, Enough I wasted my time.

17) I do remember this..Wait!…No, i don’t.

18) I hate my teacher, she doesn’t explains anything properly.

19) I hate my friend too, he scores better than me always.

20) I hate my other friend too as he is his close friend.

21) I hate Everyone!


22) Wonder what is my friend doing.

23) I should call him and check how much is he done with.


24) Wow! he is done with almost everything.

25) I should start with Physics first, Biology is easy and can be done at the last.

26) Why am I learning about electricity?

27) That reminds me I should save energy.

28) wonder what others do to save energy!

29) I am hungry I should eat something.


30) I’ll start studying at 19:00. I should take a walk to digest my food.

” Goes out of the house for a walk”

” Returns home”

31) Wow! That was an awesome football match.

32) Its 20:00 OMG! I should seriously study now!!!

33) I am hungry.


34) I better start marking the important points

35) Everything seems important. What should I mark?

” Marks everything”



36) wonderful! Everything seems important!

37) I guess my cell is ringing.

38) No wait..It’s on silent mode.

39) I wish I had started studying Since the start of my academic year.

40) I am going to be the first ranker.

41) I am going to ace this exam.

42) My family will be proud of me.

43) My family will be famous.

44) It’s our time!

our time

45) If only I had started studying since the start of my academic year.

46) It’s dinner time finally!


47) It’s late I should go to sleep and wake up early to study.

48) Maybe I should study now.

49) No, I’ll study tomorrow in the morning.

50) I hate this Exam stress.

51) I hate studies, I hate everything!



50 things we all feel and think the same way.

Well, this is my 2nd week of posting and till now its going great. Thanks to you all. This time I thought of posting a picture post. Try to relate and have fun 🙂


Parents..what the f?


I am one of these 😛


Are you?


Jewel :*


specially when you live in Mumbai where its super hot!


Jewel and Zeenat 😛



Said it today 😛

wp_ss_20140502_0001 (1)

I bet this is everyone’s case.


Shikha that’s for you.




Or packs of Cheetos.


Love it! 😛


And food *_*


my neighbors love saying yes.




You know I am pointing at you.


Well I hate you Tanay for this :/


Sanjeev -_-





Still trying to be funny :/



Yes, it is.


A girl’s response to every guy.


Thank you mom :*




That’s Aditya’s reaction my “I’m hungry”


school times ❤


Imagination it is!


Specially when you enter a wrong class room.


While writing this post it happened to me 😛

wp_ss_20140611_0004 (1)

2pm is my time!


we turn as fast as Usain Bolt.


they do need one of that.


Specially in front of those Wanna be’s.



Jewel are you fine?


I will buy a mansion!


All the time!


And much more..


Well food gives you the best feeling, no offense. 😛


yes :/




This one made my day.. lmfao!


Well you can wipe that part with a toilet paper. XD


Zaid let it go!


And you call me anti-social. -_-


Prayag that’s my reaction to your stories.


Old people!


Because you don’t it to be awkward.


And sometimes Japanese music!




Hope you enjoyed. thanks for visiting 🙂

30 Reasons you are bad at Parenting.

Parenting! one of the longest and the toughest job you have to do. Its a job for which you are not prepared at school or can take any course to master it.More than a job I would like to call it a relationship. Most of the times parents keep wondering are they a good parent  or no?, are they doing their duties properly?, is their kid happy with them? and so on…This post is not like me, a 16 year old complaining about my parents and my friends parents or something. After talking to around 300 people at my class and college friends I have come up with these major 30 problems a kid doesn’t like about their parents. Parenting is difficult we do agree. But, if you make few minor changes you can make your child love you more than they usually do.




1) You don’t give time to your kids.

Kids like talking to their parents, knowing them more and build a bond with them. If you don’t give them your time you will be like a stranger to them.

2) Your answer to their most of the question is NO!

By you keep saying No all the time to them,  they will end up lying to you for doing the things they want to do.

3) You are very hard on your kids so they will be very disciplined.

You should build a relationship with them like a friend and not like a teacher or a gym instructor. Be friendly to them and be their closest friend.

4) You don’t ask for their opinion before making any family decision.

They don’t want to feel avoided or less valuable at home. Every decision you make about your family make sure you ask them for their opinion and listen to them properly.

5) You remove your work frustration by yelling at them and making a fuss about their life.

You do have a lot of stress because of work and house problems. But try to be calm rather than shouting around all the time at home.


6) You don’t let them go meet their buddies at least once a week.

You think they are wasting their time by meeting their friends who are useless or some other reason. But, its very important for a person to interact with their friends so they have a better social life and also it makes them feel better.


7) You keep calling them every 30 minutes when they are out hanging out with their friends.

Every parent is worried about their child when he/she steps out of the house and they wonder is the child doing well out or no. But that doesn’t mean you keep calling them every 30 minutes. You need to take a chill pill!

8) You don’t give enough space to your kids.

You keep sticking to them ALL the time! you want to know everything that’s going around them. That is the last thing a kid wants, specially a teenager. Teenagers need a little space.

9) You have a problem with your kids hanging out with a person of opposite sex.

You don’t like them meeting people of opposite sex, especially if you child is a female. Trust me, even if you do that, they meet people of opposite sex all the time behind your back.

10) You never indulge in any activity with them.

The only activity you do with them is watch TV with them. Don’t you know that thing ROTS their brain? Go play sports with them, if you have younger kids do coloring with them or play games with them at least once a week.

11) You show Zero interest in the things they do.

You do care about your kid but you really don’t bother bout the things they do. Let’s say your child made a painting and is trying to show you.But you are procrastinating it since days. This shows you are showing no interest in his/her work and hurting his/her feelings.

12) You force your kids to score good marks and make their life a hell!

Scoring good marks is a thing which every parent wants their kid to do. But that doesn’t mean you will ground them and make them study all the time.

Child_Studying_Pamala Wilson

13) You keep pointing out on their one weakness every time you argue with them.

Every child has a weakness and if you keep pointing out that weakness at them every time. They turn very vulnerable to it and it turns them weak.

14) Rather than talking about the issue you start yelling and hitting your kid.

Talking solves every problem. 🙂


15) You keep pointing out to that one cousin who is amazing at everything, all the time.

Every family has this one kid who is good at everything and you keep pointing out to your child towards him if he/she  does something wrong. They don’t like it! once a while is fine but not always. Read this properly…..”They might end up murdering that person!

16) You keep checking their cell phone.

Give them their privacy.

17) You don’t trust your kids and you are suspicious towards them all the time.

If you don’t trust them you can’t build a healthy relationship with them. Trust is everything.

18) you underestimate your kids.

Stop telling them they are incapable of doing things all the time. They need motivation which a parent can be a good source of.

19) When someone complains about them you start yelling at them without hearing their side of the story.

Listen to your kids, they are not always wrong.

20) You always yell and get mad at the older kid.

Just because he/she is the elder one that doesn’t mean that child is responsible for everything. The younger ones do cause a lot of fuss for which the elder one has to pay.

21) You keep bragging about your kid to everyone.

This builds over confidence in your child and this results in poor performance in activities or studies.

22) You fulfill their every wish.

You buy them whatever they want or do everything they say. Rather than being a good parent you are turning them into a SPOILED BRAT!

23) If they point out your mistake, you get angry.

Even you do mistakes, accept it! 🙂

24) You care more about your elder/younger child and give less importance to the other one.

Both should be equally treated as both contain your genes. 😛

25) You point out their mistakes in front of their friends.

Never do that! They actually want to peel their skin off their body when you do that. Also it results in mocking from friends.

26) You don’t understand the silence of your kid.

Your child will be silent all the while for some reason and when you ask him/her, the answer is “nothing happened.” There is something going on. Try to be more friendly and more connective and try to know the problem Rather than shouting and making them scared of you.

calm them down

27 You fight with your partner in front of your young kid.

Never fight in front of your young child, this effects a their     mind. Make sure you use a proper tone and proper words in front of your young child. Its like you are shooting mental torture arrows at them.


28) You don’t care about their hobbies and force them to do activities which you and your relatives will be fine with.

Its about them, and not about you or your relatives.

29) you keep expecting things from them.

As a parent you keep expecting things from them NATURALLY. But try to lessen that expecting level.

30) You are clueless about their 50% of friends.

If you don’t know at least 50% of their friends. I don’t know what you are up to! knowing your kids friends is a very important thing as you get to know what kind of company they are having around them.




These few points should help you know your mistakes. And if you do at least 5 of the things mentioned. Rethink on that topic and make sure you correct that mistake. Thanks for Reading. 🙂

Rainy Season in Mumbai.

After a month’s delay here we Mumbaikar’s have it, “monsoon.” As Mumbai is a coastal area it receives heavy rainfall every year. On an average Mumbai receives 2,146.6 mm to 2,457 mm annually. This kind of rainfall affects everyone, from the stars of Bollywood to the people living in the slum areas.


Mumbai during rainy season.

One of the best way Mumbaikar’s enjoy rainy season is by eating hot Pakoras or Vada pavs followed by tea with friends or family cracking jokes and sharing stories with each other probably related to rainy season. And of course there will be that one person  who will say the same story every year and expect people to laugh. 😛


hot Pakoras with tea.

Kids are on the streets/grounds playing football in the rain getting dirty in the mud and slipping, sliding in the muddy water but still enjoying it like anything. You can see runners running along Marine drive because nothing can give a runner more pleasure than running in the rain. Few like to enjoy the rain by sitting in the balcony or the window of their house drinking coffee,eating donuts and listening to music or reading a book probably.


kids enjoying football in the rain.



Me enjoying the view from my house.

And then there is romance, nothing like the movies Kuch kuch hota hai, dil toh pagal hai or dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge. Couples sit at Band stand or Marine drive enjoying the view,the weather and the presence of each other. Some enjoy it by sitting near the beach drinking garam chai (hot tea). Some enjoy it  by sitting at home and sending text messages/shayaris to each other maybe because they don’t like Rain or lets face it! they are lazy. Even old couples are on their A-game, they sing songs for each other, talk about their extra romantic love lives when they were young and sometimes everything is followed by a dance on the song “Pyaar hua iqraar hua,”Couples hardly visit the theaters as its much beautiful outside.


Couple enjoying at Bandstand.

Dogs love getting wet in the rain but the thunder lighting scares them. So its very important to take good care of your pet during rainy season.


dog scared because of thunder lightening.

26th July 2005  is marked as one of the worst day Mumbai has ever seen. The entire city was flooded due to heavy rains and the entire city had stopped for a while. But, in 2 days it was back on track. Rains do cause pothole formation on the road and it also affects people who travel by Local trains or Best buses. Mother’s at home are worried about the topic “how to dry clothes.”

train rain

Local trains during rainy season

   What ever it must be, rainy season is one of the best time to visit Mumbai and every person living in this city is proud to be a MUMBAIKAR! 


Rainbow captured by me 😉



Everyone’s life is affected by stress at times. Sometimes this stress takes over our mind and our mind gives up on things. Everything seems wrong. According to our mind our parents are wrong, our friends are wrong, our neighbors are wrong, even our neighbor’s dog is  wrong. At such times some people try to end their lives, specially teenagers who are riding in the roller coaster of emotions. so, here I have a poem written by me showing how they might be feeling.


A day comes in your life when,

you break down and everything turns upside down.

You wish you were never born you wish you were dead.

No matter how much you try,

nothing feels as great as an apple pie.

You just want to be alone,

you just want to cry.

At that moment every problem in your life,

looks like its multiplied as many times as thrice.

You just want to take a rope and tie to the fan,

you want to end your life like it was just a piece of filthy ham.

You put your head in the loop of the rope,

and try to push the stool.

At that moment a person sent by heaven into your life,

appears in front of your eyes and says,

“you can solve any problems my son, I am your mother and I love you forever!”


No matter how worse is your life, no matter what you are going through. There are people who care for you “UNCONDITIONALLY”. Live for them and yourself, and not only for yourself. 🙂