My 10 Best Sketches Of All Time!

As I mentioned in my profile I make sketches, so I thought to show you all my 10 best sketches and you guys can tell me where do I need to improvise. so here they are.. ūüôā

1) The DBZ Team!


2) Majin Vegeta!


3) Kenpachi.


4) Abarai Renji.


5) Heuco mundo.


6) A combination of 3 anime villains. (crocodile,grimmjow, aizen)


7) Hollow Ichigo.


8) A friend (animated version)


9) Natsu.


10) Zoro!


I Hope You all liked my sketches. Please let me know where I can improvise. Thanks for Visiting ūüôā


An Apology.

When I first met you my life turned upside down,My heart skipped a beat,

And it felt as beautiful as a rose blooming on a completely wrecked ground.

It was a like a new hope of friendship which I desired,

And my life from the sad town completely retired.

Your smile can cure zillions of frowns,

And it is as beautiful as a queen in her royal gown.

I cherished every moment with you,

And smiled every second when I thought of you.

But, then came a time when I did something wrong,

And the beautiful friendship was completely gone.

You had a reason to not trust me,

And everything happened because of me.

Finally I got the courage to write this poem and dedicate it to you,

And tell you how sorry I am to do this brutal thing to you.

I don’t know whether you will ever talk to me or no,

But I do know that you will forgive me one fine day.

I Wish you all the best for your life,

and I know you will rock and ace it!

because you know to Grace it!

This is a poem for a person I have done wrong. Thanks for visiting and reading ūüôā

10 Facts About: Mangalyaan (MOM) India’s Mission To Mars.

India made a history today by successfully orbiting around Mars. Its mission called “Mars Orbiter Mission”¬†¬†(MOM) created a history by making India the world’s first country to orbit around the red planet in its first try and the first Asian country to orbit the red planet. The orbiter is called¬†“Mangalyaan”¬†who’s objective is:¬†Exploration of Mars surface features, morphology, mineralogy and Martian atmosphere by indigenous scientific instruments. Here are few facts about this Mission of India!

MOM's launch picture.

MOM’s launch picture.

1) The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) which is also known as Mangalyaan is a planned Mars orbiter, was launched in November 2013 by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The mission aims to develop the technologies required for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission.

2)¬†This was¬†India’s first mission to Mars and the official countdown for blast-off of the Indian orbiter, Mangalyaan, began at 06:08 am on November 3, 2013.

3) Assembly of the PSLV-XL launch vehicle, designated C-25, started on 5 August 2013. The integration of the five scientific instruments was completed at ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, and the finished spacecraft was shipped to Sriharikotta on 2 October 2013.

4) The satellite’s development was completed in a record 15 months.

5) On October 19, 2013, ISRO chairperson K Radhakrishnan announced that the launch had to be postponed by a week due to delay of a crucial telemetry ship reaching Fiji Islands. The launch was rescheduled for November 5, 2013.

Model of the orbiter held by the chairperson of  ISRO :K Radhakrishnan.

Model of the orbiter held by the chairperson of ISRO :K Radhakrishnan.

6) The main objective of this mission is to develop the technologies required for design, planning, management and operations of an interplanetary mission, comprising the following major tasks like design and realisation of a Mars orbiter with a capability to perform Earth bound manoeuvres, cruise phase of 300 days, Mars orbit insertion / capture, and on-orbit phase around Mars.

7) The satellite will also help in deep space communication, navigation, mission planning and management and will also incorporate autonomous features to handle contingency situations.

8) The spacecraft’s dry mass is 500 kilogrames and it will carry 850 kilograms (1,870 lb) of propellant and oxidiser. The main engine uses the bi-propellant combination mono-methylhydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide for orbit insertion and other manoeuvres. The probe is expected to arrive in Mars orbit in September 2014 approximately at the same time as NASA’s MAVEN orbiter.

9) On September 24, the Mangalyaan entered Mars orbit in its very first attempt. India joins the elite club of nations, i.e., the US, Russia and Europe to reach Mars Orbit.

10) The Mission was executed in 15 months at a cost of Rs 450 crore ($74 million).

¬†Thanks for visiting and reading. Congratulations ISRO for the big success! Keep up the good vibes ūüôā¬†

A Friend From The Virtual World.

I used to play an online game. It is called, Runescape. I was super addicted to it and at times I used to play 15 hours non-stop. I sound like a person who had no social life or a person who wasted most of his childhood behind online gaming. But there was a reason I loved that game so much. Besides the reason the game was amazing and very entertaining, I loved it so much because of the friends I made there. They were very kind to me and we were like best buddies. Few were from the US, UK, and few from India itself but different states. I used to chat with them, meet them in the game, Train together, do quests together, etc. One thing they taught me was how to be helpful towards someone. Few names I would like to take are- Aditya, Leena, Candy, etc. But among these people there was a person I met when I was a noob called Shikha. She is from India itself but lives in a different state. It was very weird at first. But then we started chatting frequently. She gave me this emerald 4 years back which still lies in my bank and reminds me of her. Later we sort of tried long distance which didn’t work out. LOL. But our friendship continued. And as time went by we became pretty close friends. Though we never met but the social technology helped us to be connected. We shared stuff, spoke about weird things, helped each other out(to be honest 90% she was the one to help me out) but her sense of humor is something which is amazing. Finding a person with such a humor is difficult. Probably any boy will fall in love with such a girl. She pretended to be very strong and bold. She is, but at times everyone loses their strong side for sometime. I could notice it, But she rarely accepted that. She could understand me more than any person I know. And that too without even meeting me even once. I liked her company and I still do! We sort of had an argument recently where she got pretty mad at me. And she still is, I am sorry for what I said. But, everyone takes their time ūüôā I am very thankful to jagex for creating Runescape so could meet all these lovely people and Shikha. I might sound I am not over her yet. But that’s not true. We are more like friends and always be.

Reason Why I Started Blogging.

I am a teenager living in India. A country with a population of 1.2 billion. In India there is a huge diversity of religions and every religion has its own view. Amidst all this I am an atheist. Looking at so many people with their views and things happening around, I thought to start writing a blog. Where I can explain what I see and think about it. Hence my blog’s name is ” Life Through My Eyes.” I have already started blogging since 2 months and till now I have got a positive feedback about it. Blogging is a powerful source of writing. Where you can express yourself through blogging. And i chose to blog because I think I can express myself much better through writing skills.

thanks for visiting and reading ūüôā

A Simplicity Of A Teacher.

Is there a teacher who holds an importance in my life?

Do I have any teacher who has influenced my life?

I asked my brain, and the answers just rained.

The name of the teacher is Sudha Nair,

You can’t find anyone like her in the entire Shire.

She is filled with the colour red.

She is bold as the colour black.

She puts on her glasses.

and takes  everyday Classes

Her intelligence and her beauty is flawless,

She gave me a plateful of knowledge.

Some of the knowledge came from books,

which were weird and ugly in looks.

Apart from Being a teacher she is an amazing wife,

                            And has 2 little beautiful angels in her life.

She is an inspiration for everyone,

and is a friend more than a teacher.

Few things she told me is something I will remember,

  • You can do it! Be yourself! Enjoy your life!


‚Äú…There are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.‚ÄĚ -Frantz Fanon.

This is a Reality check for some people who can’t withstand the following events. So I wrote this post with few facts which they really need to know so they can open their eyes and mind and see the world the way it should be seen and not the way they want it to be!


1) What’s the harm in skirts of short cloths?

It’s really unfortunate when people say,¬†you can’t wear skirts or a girl can’t dress in a certain way. Are we going back in the dark ages?”


I do not understand why do people have negative thoughts about a girl who wears short clothes! Don’ t they like to dress up and feel good when they go some place nice? It’s a normal girl under those clothes who is trying to look pretty, feel nice and lives a normal life like they do. People call her slut,shameless or ugly! That’s not going help her in any way. People need to know that everything is perfectly fine with her, just the difference is they are wasting their time and energy spreading negativity and she is happily enjoying her life!


2)Strength of a rape Victim!

‚ÄúI just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?‚ÄĚ -Laurie Halse Anderson,


Have you came across a person who is a rape victim? I have, and let me tell you ¬†she is one the bravest person I have known in my journey. She is 21 years old and went through the incident when she was 17 years old. Getting raped at such an early age she had to go through a lot. At her college people mocked her, the society called her names and what not! But she never lost her¬†confidence¬†and her will power to stand back on her feet and show everyone she is still the same girl. She kept ignoring such people. At times she broke down but her family and close friends were the one who held her up! And now she works for 10 NGO’s and helps people. She is a reason for hundreds of people’s smile.So, next time you come across such a person rather than feeling sad or giving sympathy to the person or thinking wrong about her, feel proud and get inspired and respect her for her willpower and hard work which many of us lack!


3) Do You Call Yourself A Man?

“Part of being a man is to take¬†responsibilities for your success and your failure”


“Man” when you hear this word the you might start thinking of a man who is strong,¬†Charismatic, built up and rich! But is this really what a man is?? A person who¬†vows to protect his girl and then abuses her at home is that a man? When a person who loves his girl, his mother and his sister and then rapes a¬†unknown¬†girl¬†¬†is that a man? When a person needs help and the person just walks by, is that a man? A man is a person who respect’s women, knows his limits, knows to use his words and knows to take¬†responsibilities¬†of himself and his family. So, next time you see a person who lacks these qualities, that person is not a “Man” but a “Male”


4) Social Sites Ranters!

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”


So here I present You all, The most jobless people on the entire earth. wait…In the¬†entire¬†universe! ¬†These people will spam your news feed with posts like..“share if you care” “don’t do the ALS ice bucket challenge” “Like if you care”¬†etc..But in reality they don’t do damn thing for any of the cause. They will probably give you an hour lecture on how bad plastic is for the environment and they are the same people who buys plastic bag from the¬†grocery¬†shop. They will post statuses ¬†about¬†“stop rape”¬†But when there is an actually rally for it to make the laws stronger for rape cases they will probably sit at home browsing the internet and sipping their coffee. For such people I have a message.¬†“GET REAL! stop living in the virtual world and come out and actually do something humanity. And if you can’t do anything then please shut the F up!”


5) Being Gay Isn’t A Sin!

You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – people are people”¬†–Judith Light


Have you ever loved someone? I am sure you have. But the question¬†arises, with the person of same or opposite sex? You will probably get angry and reply, ” obviously! opposite sex.” Let’s focus on that anger for a moment. Is there anything wrong if someone loves a person of same sex? I don’t think so. Feelings are bound to get attracted for someone. The person is¬†“Homosexual” so what? he is just a normal person who loves a person of the same gender. He dreams of becoming something like you do, acts and reacts the way you. People mock such person, tease him, bully him and call him names. At such a point the only thing i can say is, “These people are blind and can’t see the world beyond that curve which earth has.Their¬†vision¬†is¬†limited.” And as person religious point of view, it also says “don’t use condom” but is that healthy? Of course not!I am not offending any religion but trying to prove a point here. Being Homosexual is not something bad or wrong, Some people really need to know this fact! You really need to know that, people can love whoever they want. You should only have a problem when the person does something to you which is less likely to happen. I hope each and every country passes the LGBT rights in this coming decade.¬†AND PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES!


I didn’t mean to offend anyone here! Please share your thoughts about the post in the comments and do let me know about any corrections.¬†Thanks for visiting and reading. ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬†