The Promise!



The night I saw you across the hall,

I ignored you like a complete stranger at all.

If I only knew you will enter my life with that first kiss,

And not a single day without your thought will ever go missed.

Your every single touch makes my heart beat the fastest,

And your every single word brings me calmness.
The distance between you and me feels like a million miles,

But my love for you will last till a plastic flower dies.

I think life without you will be pitch dark black,

The will to get closer to you is all I lack.

I am scared, I am lost, I need to make this decision of life,

And it hurts like my heart is getting stabbed by a knife.

You aren’t sure, you don’t know it yet,

But my feelings for you is something I can’t go let.

I don’t want to be the one who is always behind you,

I wan’t you to have your space and do what you like to do.

I just want to know do you want this or no,

And whatever your answer will be,

It won’t affect this hobo!

I don’t know if after a while ,

Whether you’ll be in touch with me,

And if you don’t….

….promise me you’ll remember me!


My 10 Best Sketches Of All Time!

As I mentioned in my profile I make sketches, so I thought to show you all my 10 best sketches and you guys can tell me where do I need to improvise. so here they are.. 🙂

1) The DBZ Team!


2) Majin Vegeta!


3) Kenpachi.


4) Abarai Renji.


5) Heuco mundo.


6) A combination of 3 anime villains. (crocodile,grimmjow, aizen)


7) Hollow Ichigo.


8) A friend (animated version)


9) Natsu.


10) Zoro!


I Hope You all liked my sketches. Please let me know where I can improvise. Thanks for Visiting 🙂

An Apology.

When I first met you my life turned upside down,My heart skipped a beat,

And it felt as beautiful as a rose blooming on a completely wrecked ground.

It was a like a new hope of friendship which I desired,

And my life from the sad town completely retired.

Your smile can cure zillions of frowns,

And it is as beautiful as a queen in her royal gown.

I cherished every moment with you,

And smiled every second when I thought of you.

But, then came a time when I did something wrong,

And the beautiful friendship was completely gone.

You had a reason to not trust me,

And everything happened because of me.

Finally I got the courage to write this poem and dedicate it to you,

And tell you how sorry I am to do this brutal thing to you.

I don’t know whether you will ever talk to me or no,

But I do know that you will forgive me one fine day.

I Wish you all the best for your life,

and I know you will rock and ace it!

because you know to Grace it!

This is a poem for a person I have done wrong. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂

A Simplicity Of A Teacher.

Is there a teacher who holds an importance in my life?

Do I have any teacher who has influenced my life?

I asked my brain, and the answers just rained.

The name of the teacher is Sudha Nair,

You can’t find anyone like her in the entire Shire.

She is filled with the colour red.

She is bold as the colour black.

She puts on her glasses.

and takes  everyday Classes

Her intelligence and her beauty is flawless,

She gave me a plateful of knowledge.

Some of the knowledge came from books,

which were weird and ugly in looks.

Apart from Being a teacher she is an amazing wife,

                            And has 2 little beautiful angels in her life.

She is an inspiration for everyone,

and is a friend more than a teacher.

Few things she told me is something I will remember,

  • You can do it! Be yourself! Enjoy your life!

A Farewell.

Oh Avi! Oh Avi! Oh Avi!

You’re my friend, you’re my life,

Without you I am nothing alike,

You are strong because you can fight,

Your emotional endurance is just very high.

You came into my life with a piece of advice,

Which looked as beautiful as a red rose blooming on dry ice.

Your sweet voice warms my heart,

Your jokes cools my mind.

Your voice is like jelly bean,

I guess thats why you remind me of Mr.Bean.

You are hilarious, loving and caring,

But, the way you say “Auto” and “Aiyo” is way too amusing.

You are the most supportive friend I have ever got,

And my love will last for you until a plastic flower rots.

I will always be there for you no matter how far you go,

And you will achieve success wherever you will go.

I wish you all the best for your new chapter of life,

I hope you will enjoy it in every bite.

And as always I will say, “see you soon,”

because you are my moon.

Oh Avi! Oh Avi! Oh Avi!

 Its for my friend who is moving to another town for study purposes. Thanks for visiting and reading. If you liked it click the like button and comment with your views and don’t forget to share. Ciao! 🙂

To My Future love.

 I am a lonely little heart who needs some love.

 I always keep looking high and low to find some love.

 I look at my right, I look at my left.

 I search around till I feel I want to rest.

 Finally my search came to an end when i first saw you.

 It was a feeling of happiness which came to me only because of you.

 Your eyes reminded me of the ocean which is blue,

 I wish I was the sky so I could be all over you.

 I felt your heart when you hugged me,

 It was a feeling of love which just craved me.

 I wish we could always be together reading books or gazing at sky,

 Your sweet voice always makes me high.

 We will always be together and I know it’s a fact,

 because we have each other’s brain which we can always intact.

 Now my poem comes to an end,

 because i have many things to say but less lines,

 I wish we will meet soon and dance in the gloomy light,

 because I am you’re Romeo and you’re my Juliet.

It was a short poem by me. Hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂