Well…It’s been a while I posted something on my blog. I mean for me blogging isn’t something that I can just do it, like Nike! (that was a terrible one). Blogging is something close to me, where I can say whatever I feel to strangers out there and maybe they end up connecting to me. Well, If only connecting to people was that easy, mentally is a different thing, But emotionally is a whole lot harder. We try our best to connect with people we love, We admire and the people we lust for. Emotions are difficult to understand.. At times you are on cloud 9 eating candy floss and at times you are screeching your ears and screaming out for help. That person you love but are afraid to tell your story to, That person who is madly in love with you but you’re blind to see it. Emotions can make you dance and love yourself for no reason and at the same time emotions can throw you in such a depression where you end up fainting and start bleeding from your nose. It’s much harder doing it than saying “Go confess your shit to him/her” like…HELLO?? do you have some emotion called fear? fear of rejection, Fear of never seeing that person ever again,Β FEAR OF BEING LEFT OUT? It’s a game which you end up losing to yourself which goes on till forever like loop which shows you tears of blood and the darkest shadow which conquers you and never leaves you . I’ve been often told “you teens have seen nothing, life is much harder out there.” Β Not that I don’t know about that but, I never see how that statement can help any teenager ever. Forget the love for your partner, the love you hold for your friend at times. where you can count on them embrace them, LOVE THEM! But the bitter truth is, no one can ever be with you ALWAYS! not your family members, not your loved one nor your friends! At the end of the day this world is a place Where you go Solo… Understanding this and digesting it is one hell of a task.. Love always brings surprises along, some show you the brightest star of the universe and some destroy you and shatter you on the ground like a ceramic plate. Think again, You aren’t connected to the person if you cannot read between those lines, feel what they’re feeling. Understanding facial expressions is something even a monkey can do. It’s time you let the person understand and know how you feel about it. Be honest and blunt (it’s the best way) rather than destroying a person 20 lanes down the way..It’s better you say it now to reduce the pain. Let’s not be cruel ( though is fun to be) but let’s start and end conveniently and enjoy this love!

….Hello? Do you hear me?

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50 things we all feel and think the same way.

Well, this is my 2nd week of posting and till now its going great. Thanks to you all. This time I thought of posting a picture post. Try to relate and have fun πŸ™‚


Parents..what the f?


I am one of these πŸ˜›


Are you?


Jewel :*


specially when you live in Mumbai where its super hot!


Jewel and Zeenat πŸ˜›



Said it today πŸ˜›

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I bet this is everyone’s case.


Shikha that’s for you.




Or packs of Cheetos.


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And food *_*


my neighbors love saying yes.




You know I am pointing at you.


Well I hate you Tanay for this :/


Sanjeev -_-





Still trying to be funny :/



Yes, it is.


A girl’s response to every guy.


Thank you mom :*




That’s Aditya’s reaction my “I’m hungry”


school times ❀


Imagination it is!


Specially when you enter a wrong class room.


While writing this post it happened to me πŸ˜›

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2pm is my time!


we turn as fast as Usain Bolt.


they do need one of that.


Specially in front of those Wanna be’s.



Jewel are you fine?


I will buy a mansion!


All the time!


And much more..


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yes :/




This one made my day.. lmfao!


Well you can wipe that part with a toilet paper. XD


Zaid let it go!


And you call me anti-social. -_-


Prayag that’s my reaction to your stories.


Old people!


Because you don’t it to be awkward.


And sometimes Japanese music!




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30 Reasons you are bad at Parenting.

Parenting! one of the longest and the toughest job you have to do. Its a job for which you are not prepared at school or can take any course to master it.More than a job I would like to call it a relationship. Most of the times parents keep wondering are they a good parent  or no?, are they doing their duties properly?, is their kid happy with them? and so on…This post is not like me, a 16 year old complaining about my parents and my friends parents or something. After talking to around 300 people at my class and college friends I have come up with these major 30 problems a kid doesn’t like about their parents. Parenting is difficult we do agree. But, if you make few minor changes you can make your child love you more than they usually do.




1) You don’t give time to your kids.

Kids like talking to their parents, knowing them more and build a bond with them. If you don’t give them your time you will be like a stranger to them.

2) Your answer to their most of the question is NO!

By you keep saying No all the time to them,  they will end up lying to you for doing the things they want to do.

3) You are very hard on your kids so they will be very disciplined.

You should build a relationship with them like a friend and not like a teacher or a gym instructor. Be friendly to them and be their closest friend.

4) You don’t ask for their opinion before making any family decision.

They don’t want to feel avoided or less valuable at home. Every decision you make about your family make sure you ask them for their opinion and listen to them properly.

5) You remove your work frustration by yelling at them and making a fuss about their life.

You do have a lot of stress because of work and house problems. But try to be calm rather than shouting around all the time at home.


6) You don’t let them go meet their buddies at least once a week.

You think they are wasting their time by meeting their friends who are useless or some other reason. But, its very important for a person to interact with their friends so they have a better social life and also it makes them feel better.


7) You keep calling them every 30 minutes when they are out hanging out with their friends.

Every parent is worried about their child when he/she steps out of the house and they wonder is the child doing well out or no. But that doesn’t mean you keep calling them every 30 minutes. You need to take a chill pill!

8) You don’t give enough space to your kids.

You keep sticking to them ALL the time! you want to know everything that’s going around them. That is the last thing a kid wants, specially a teenager. Teenagers need a little space.

9) You have a problem with your kids hanging out with a person of opposite sex.

You don’t like them meeting people of opposite sex, especially if you child is a female. Trust me, even if you do that, they meet people of opposite sex all the time behind your back.

10) You never indulge in any activity with them.

The only activity you do with them is watch TV with them. Don’t you know that thing ROTS their brain? Go play sports with them, if you have younger kids do coloring with them or play games with them at least once a week.

11) You show Zero interest in the things they do.

You do care about your kid but you really don’t bother bout the things they do. Let’s say your child made a painting and is trying to show you.But you are procrastinating it since days. This shows you are showing no interest in his/her work and hurting his/her feelings.

12) You force your kids to score good marks and make their life a hell!

Scoring good marks is a thing which every parent wants their kid to do. But that doesn’t mean you will ground them and make them study all the time.

Child_Studying_Pamala Wilson

13) You keep pointing out on their one weakness every time you argue with them.

Every child has a weakness and if you keep pointing out that weakness at them every time. They turn very vulnerable to it and it turns them weak.

14) Rather than talking about the issue you start yelling and hitting your kid.

Talking solves every problem. πŸ™‚


15) You keep pointing out to that one cousin who is amazing at everything, all the time.

Every family has this one kid who is good at everything and you keep pointing out to your child towards him if he/she  does something wrong. They don’t like it! once a while is fine but not always. Read this properly…..”They might end up murdering that person!

16) You keep checking their cell phone.

Give them their privacy.

17) You don’t trust your kids and you are suspicious towards them all the time.

If you don’t trust them you can’t build a healthy relationship with them. Trust is everything.

18) you underestimate your kids.

Stop telling them they are incapable of doing things all the time. They need motivation which a parent can be a good source of.

19) When someone complains about them you start yelling at them without hearing their side of the story.

Listen to your kids, they are not always wrong.

20) You always yell and get mad at the older kid.

Just because he/she is the elder one that doesn’t mean that child is responsible for everything. The younger ones do cause a lot of fuss for which the elder one has to pay.

21) You keep bragging about your kid to everyone.

This builds over confidence in your child and this results in poor performance in activities or studies.

22) You fulfill their every wish.

You buy them whatever they want or do everything they say. Rather than being a good parent you are turning them into a SPOILED BRAT!

23) If they point out your mistake, you get angry.

Even you do mistakes, accept it! πŸ™‚

24) You care more about your elder/younger child and give less importance to the other one.

Both should be equally treated as both contain your genes. πŸ˜›

25) You point out their mistakes in front of their friends.

Never do that! They actually want to peel their skin off their body when you do that. Also it results in mocking from friends.

26) You don’t understand the silence of your kid.

Your child will be silent all the while for some reason and when you ask him/her, the answer is “nothing happened.” There is something going on. Try to be more friendly and more connective and try to know the problem Rather than shouting and making them scared of you.

calm them down

27 You fight with your partner in front of your young kid.

Never fight in front of your young child, this effects a their     mind. Make sure you use a proper tone and proper words in front of your young child. Its like you are shooting mental torture arrows at them.


28) You don’t care about their hobbies and force them to do activities which you and your relatives will be fine with.

Its about them, and not about you or your relatives.

29) you keep expecting things from them.

As a parent you keep expecting things from them NATURALLY. But try to lessen that expecting level.

30) You are clueless about their 50% of friends.

If you don’t know at least 50% of their friends. I don’t know what you are up to! knowing your kids friends is a very important thing as you get to know what kind of company they are having around them.




These few points should help you know your mistakes. And if you do at least 5 of the things mentioned. Rethink on that topic and make sure you correct that mistake. Thanks for Reading. πŸ™‚