Well…It’s been a while I posted something on my blog. I mean for me blogging isn’t something that I can just do it, like Nike! (that was a terrible one). Blogging is something close to me, where I can say whatever I feel to strangers out there and maybe they end up connecting to me. Well, If only connecting to people was that easy, mentally is a different thing, But emotionally is a whole lot harder. We try our best to connect with people we love, We admire and the people we lust for. Emotions are difficult to understand.. At times you are on cloud 9 eating candy floss and at times you are screeching your ears and screaming out for help. That person you love but are afraid to tell your story to, That person who is madly in love with you but you’re blind to see it. Emotions can make you dance and love yourself for no reason and at the same time emotions can throw you in such a depression where you end up fainting and start bleeding from your nose. It’s much harder doing it than saying “Go confess your shit to him/her” like…HELLO?? do you have some emotion called fear? fear of rejection, Fear of never seeing that person ever again, FEAR OF BEING LEFT OUT? It’s a game which you end up losing to yourself which goes on till forever like loop which shows you tears of blood and the darkest shadow which conquers you and never leaves you . I’ve been often told “you teens have seen nothing, life is much harder out there.”  Not that I don’t know about that but, I never see how that statement can help any teenager ever. Forget the love for your partner, the love you hold for your friend at times. where you can count on them embrace them, LOVE THEM! But the bitter truth is, no one can ever be with you ALWAYS! not your family members, not your loved one nor your friends! At the end of the day this world is a place Where you go Solo… Understanding this and digesting it is one hell of a task.. Love always brings surprises along, some show you the brightest star of the universe and some destroy you and shatter you on the ground like a ceramic plate. Think again, You aren’t connected to the person if you cannot read between those lines, feel what they’re feeling. Understanding facial expressions is something even a monkey can do. It’s time you let the person understand and know how you feel about it. Be honest and blunt (it’s the best way) rather than destroying a person 20 lanes down the way..It’s better you say it now to reduce the pain. Let’s not be cruel ( though is fun to be) but let’s start and end conveniently and enjoy this love!

….Hello? Do you hear me?

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10 Major Reasons To Not Suicide.

1It’s a bad idea.

   Suicide is the worst idea to even think about. Well thinking to act like cannibal isn’t good either but, suicide is a VERY BAD idea.

2. It’s selfish.

   Well hypothetically lets assume you commit a suicide, Now tell me how did that help the people around you? well your enemies are happy but what about the people who love you? They are DEVASTATED!!

3. Care about your Parents.

   The people who are with you and taking care of you since the day you were born were not really waiting for you to suicide. They can’t handle that fact. You committing a suicide is a recipe for disaster for them. THINK ABOUT THEM before doing something so selfish. It might even lead to mental disorder for them or a Cardiac Arrest, You don’t want that to happen with your parents…Do you?

4.You’re too awesome.

    Think about it.. You are made from billions of cells and you have the capability to rule a country by being a president or a prime minister. you can invent something. You have that capability!! You can do things which many others cannot do. You’re too awesome. Don’t let mother Earth lose its, one hell of a awesome kid. 😉


5. Love yourself.

  You hate everyone else? No big deal! But you gotta love yourself. As I mentioned you’re awesome and people love you and so you gotta love yourself. And if you already love yourself, then how can you kill your love? Not a good idea right? Embrace your love! 🙂

i love me

7. You are smart enough.

  We all know that, you are smart and smart people don’t make such decisions. you gotta work it up! Smart people know to survive and you WILL! 

8. You love your friends.

   Think about those awesome friends you have. I bet every one has friends, and if you don’t. Think about the next Assassins Creed game or Call Of Duty or whatever you have as a substitute  instead of friends. Don’t disappoint your friends, who made you laugh, helped you in bad times, were there with you when you had a fight with your parents and took all your rant even when it was really annoying. Don’t make them sad. 

9. Time heals everything!

  No matter whatever happened to you that lead to the thought of suicide is not going to trouble you forever. Give your self time wait for a week and I bet you won’t think of suicide, at least not for the same reason.


10. You gotta read my posts 😛

  Though I am a fresher but still I am not that bad with my posts.. Am I? 😛 You gotta follow my blog and read my posts and give your reviews. Because you are beautiful and Awesome. :*

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To My Future love.

 I am a lonely little heart who needs some love.

 I always keep looking high and low to find some love.

 I look at my right, I look at my left.

 I search around till I feel I want to rest.

 Finally my search came to an end when i first saw you.

 It was a feeling of happiness which came to me only because of you.

 Your eyes reminded me of the ocean which is blue,

 I wish I was the sky so I could be all over you.

 I felt your heart when you hugged me,

 It was a feeling of love which just craved me.

 I wish we could always be together reading books or gazing at sky,

 Your sweet voice always makes me high.

 We will always be together and I know it’s a fact,

 because we have each other’s brain which we can always intact.

 Now my poem comes to an end,

 because i have many things to say but less lines,

 I wish we will meet soon and dance in the gloomy light,

 because I am you’re Romeo and you’re my Juliet.

It was a short poem by me. Hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂