A runners poem.

I am a runner,
who is a marathoner.
I run on my track,
Which is my daily path.
Just like my daily run,
This is an another one.
Whether I’ll finish it or I die,
I won’t fall weak nor I’ll cry.
This time I’ll be running for an another reason,
Which is as deep as a chasm.
I lose my breather as I run,
I try not to lose my vision.
Slow and steadily I,’ll reach my goal,
And  hoist my victory flag on that pole.
Finishing this run is my only dedication,
All the cheers for me are my motivation.
I see the finish line on the end of the track,
I cross it and that’s my payback.
I’ll remember every moment of this run,
Which is as sweet as a cream bun.
I’ll come back next time after training harder,
And cross my previous limits as this is no blabber.
I’m a runner; a marathoner,
And always remember:
You too can run, run for a cause and run for your health!

This poem is written by me. I am a runner and my dream is to complete the 42km Mumbai marathon one day! Hope you all liked the poem. Thanks for visiting 🙂


Rainy Season in Mumbai.

After a month’s delay here we Mumbaikar’s have it, “monsoon.” As Mumbai is a coastal area it receives heavy rainfall every year. On an average Mumbai receives 2,146.6 mm to 2,457 mm annually. This kind of rainfall affects everyone, from the stars of Bollywood to the people living in the slum areas.


Mumbai during rainy season.

One of the best way Mumbaikar’s enjoy rainy season is by eating hot Pakoras or Vada pavs followed by tea with friends or family cracking jokes and sharing stories with each other probably related to rainy season. And of course there will be that one person  who will say the same story every year and expect people to laugh. 😛


hot Pakoras with tea.

Kids are on the streets/grounds playing football in the rain getting dirty in the mud and slipping, sliding in the muddy water but still enjoying it like anything. You can see runners running along Marine drive because nothing can give a runner more pleasure than running in the rain. Few like to enjoy the rain by sitting in the balcony or the window of their house drinking coffee,eating donuts and listening to music or reading a book probably.


kids enjoying football in the rain.



Me enjoying the view from my house.

And then there is romance, nothing like the movies Kuch kuch hota hai, dil toh pagal hai or dil wale dulhaniya le jayenge. Couples sit at Band stand or Marine drive enjoying the view,the weather and the presence of each other. Some enjoy it by sitting near the beach drinking garam chai (hot tea). Some enjoy it  by sitting at home and sending text messages/shayaris to each other maybe because they don’t like Rain or lets face it! they are lazy. Even old couples are on their A-game, they sing songs for each other, talk about their extra romantic love lives when they were young and sometimes everything is followed by a dance on the song “Pyaar hua iqraar hua,”Couples hardly visit the theaters as its much beautiful outside.


Couple enjoying at Bandstand.

Dogs love getting wet in the rain but the thunder lighting scares them. So its very important to take good care of your pet during rainy season.


dog scared because of thunder lightening.

26th July 2005  is marked as one of the worst day Mumbai has ever seen. The entire city was flooded due to heavy rains and the entire city had stopped for a while. But, in 2 days it was back on track. Rains do cause pothole formation on the road and it also affects people who travel by Local trains or Best buses. Mother’s at home are worried about the topic “how to dry clothes.”

train rain

Local trains during rainy season

   What ever it must be, rainy season is one of the best time to visit Mumbai and every person living in this city is proud to be a MUMBAIKAR! 


Rainbow captured by me 😉