Not so Fake!

When I liked you,

You called me Desperate.

When I brought you flowers,

You called me cheap.

When I sent you things,

You called me creepy.

When I fought myself to be with you,

You called me pricey.

When I cleared my schedule for you,

You called me jobless.

When I embraced you,

You said you liked it too.

When I confessed my love to you,

You said you never felt the same way.

When I tried to move on so you could be happy,

You called me FAKE!

What is this puzzle of life?

I am lost for someone and yet discovering myself time to time.

I bow down to you, oh! myself…

Because you’re the one to guide me,

and you’re the one to try me!

This is a poem by me, hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂


The Promise!



The night I saw you across the hall,

I ignored you like a complete stranger at all.

If I only knew you will enter my life with that first kiss,

And not a single day without your thought will ever go missed.

Your every single touch makes my heart beat the fastest,

And your every single word brings me calmness.
The distance between you and me feels like a million miles,

But my love for you will last till a plastic flower dies.

I think life without you will be pitch dark black,

The will to get closer to you is all I lack.

I am scared, I am lost, I need to make this decision of life,

And it hurts like my heart is getting stabbed by a knife.

You aren’t sure, you don’t know it yet,

But my feelings for you is something I can’t go let.

I don’t want to be the one who is always behind you,

I wan’t you to have your space and do what you like to do.

I just want to know do you want this or no,

And whatever your answer will be,

It won’t affect this hobo!

I don’t know if after a while ,

Whether you’ll be in touch with me,

And if you don’t….

….promise me you’ll remember me!

My 10 Best Sketches Of All Time!

As I mentioned in my profile I make sketches, so I thought to show you all my 10 best sketches and you guys can tell me where do I need to improvise. so here they are.. 🙂

1) The DBZ Team!


2) Majin Vegeta!


3) Kenpachi.


4) Abarai Renji.


5) Heuco mundo.


6) A combination of 3 anime villains. (crocodile,grimmjow, aizen)


7) Hollow Ichigo.


8) A friend (animated version)


9) Natsu.


10) Zoro!


I Hope You all liked my sketches. Please let me know where I can improvise. Thanks for Visiting 🙂

A Simplicity Of A Teacher.

Is there a teacher who holds an importance in my life?

Do I have any teacher who has influenced my life?

I asked my brain, and the answers just rained.

The name of the teacher is Sudha Nair,

You can’t find anyone like her in the entire Shire.

She is filled with the colour red.

She is bold as the colour black.

She puts on her glasses.

and takes  everyday Classes

Her intelligence and her beauty is flawless,

She gave me a plateful of knowledge.

Some of the knowledge came from books,

which were weird and ugly in looks.

Apart from Being a teacher she is an amazing wife,

                            And has 2 little beautiful angels in her life.

She is an inspiration for everyone,

and is a friend more than a teacher.

Few things she told me is something I will remember,

  • You can do it! Be yourself! Enjoy your life!

10 Major Reasons To Not Suicide.

1It’s a bad idea.

   Suicide is the worst idea to even think about. Well thinking to act like cannibal isn’t good either but, suicide is a VERY BAD idea.

2. It’s selfish.

   Well hypothetically lets assume you commit a suicide, Now tell me how did that help the people around you? well your enemies are happy but what about the people who love you? They are DEVASTATED!!

3. Care about your Parents.

   The people who are with you and taking care of you since the day you were born were not really waiting for you to suicide. They can’t handle that fact. You committing a suicide is a recipe for disaster for them. THINK ABOUT THEM before doing something so selfish. It might even lead to mental disorder for them or a Cardiac Arrest, You don’t want that to happen with your parents…Do you?

4.You’re too awesome.

    Think about it.. You are made from billions of cells and you have the capability to rule a country by being a president or a prime minister. you can invent something. You have that capability!! You can do things which many others cannot do. You’re too awesome. Don’t let mother Earth lose its, one hell of a awesome kid. 😉


5. Love yourself.

  You hate everyone else? No big deal! But you gotta love yourself. As I mentioned you’re awesome and people love you and so you gotta love yourself. And if you already love yourself, then how can you kill your love? Not a good idea right? Embrace your love! 🙂

i love me

7. You are smart enough.

  We all know that, you are smart and smart people don’t make such decisions. you gotta work it up! Smart people know to survive and you WILL! 

8. You love your friends.

   Think about those awesome friends you have. I bet every one has friends, and if you don’t. Think about the next Assassins Creed game or Call Of Duty or whatever you have as a substitute  instead of friends. Don’t disappoint your friends, who made you laugh, helped you in bad times, were there with you when you had a fight with your parents and took all your rant even when it was really annoying. Don’t make them sad. 

9. Time heals everything!

  No matter whatever happened to you that lead to the thought of suicide is not going to trouble you forever. Give your self time wait for a week and I bet you won’t think of suicide, at least not for the same reason.


10. You gotta read my posts 😛

  Though I am a fresher but still I am not that bad with my posts.. Am I? 😛 You gotta follow my blog and read my posts and give your reviews. Because you are beautiful and Awesome. :*

              Thanks for visiting and reading. Hope this post helped you. 🙂  

51 Thoughts We All Have While Preparing For Exams.

1) My exams are from tomorrow and I am not prepared.

2) I wish I had started studying since the start of my academic year.

3) I am not feeling fresh, I’ll start studying at 10 , It’s 9.30 currently.

“At 10:01 “

4) Never mind, I’ll start studying at 11 am.

“At 11:00”

5) I have so much portion left.

                      “Opens book”

6) “What the damn hell is this?” I don’t remember my teacher teaching me this.

7) I am going to fail.

8) What’s that stain on my study table?

9) I should clean it.

” Goes out of the room to get a cleaning cloth from the kitchen”

10) “burps!” I am full. Shit! I forgot the cleaning cloth.

11) its almost 12 noon.

12) I’ll study some other subject at 12.

           “12:01 pm”

13) Never mind, I’ll study at 1 pm. I’ll play some game on my play station/Xbox till then.


14) Well that was fun! I am all refreshed and ready to study.

15) I should put my cell on silent.

“Starts texting friends”


16) Well I better start studying now, Enough I wasted my time.

17) I do remember this..Wait!…No, i don’t.

18) I hate my teacher, she doesn’t explains anything properly.

19) I hate my friend too, he scores better than me always.

20) I hate my other friend too as he is his close friend.

21) I hate Everyone!


22) Wonder what is my friend doing.

23) I should call him and check how much is he done with.


24) Wow! he is done with almost everything.

25) I should start with Physics first, Biology is easy and can be done at the last.

26) Why am I learning about electricity?

27) That reminds me I should save energy.

28) wonder what others do to save energy!

29) I am hungry I should eat something.


30) I’ll start studying at 19:00. I should take a walk to digest my food.

” Goes out of the house for a walk”

” Returns home”

31) Wow! That was an awesome football match.

32) Its 20:00 OMG! I should seriously study now!!!

33) I am hungry.


34) I better start marking the important points

35) Everything seems important. What should I mark?

” Marks everything”



36) wonderful! Everything seems important!

37) I guess my cell is ringing.

38) No wait..It’s on silent mode.

39) I wish I had started studying Since the start of my academic year.

40) I am going to be the first ranker.

41) I am going to ace this exam.

42) My family will be proud of me.

43) My family will be famous.

44) It’s our time!

our time

45) If only I had started studying since the start of my academic year.

46) It’s dinner time finally!


47) It’s late I should go to sleep and wake up early to study.

48) Maybe I should study now.

49) No, I’ll study tomorrow in the morning.

50) I hate this Exam stress.

51) I hate studies, I hate everything!



50 things we all feel and think the same way.

Well, this is my 2nd week of posting and till now its going great. Thanks to you all. This time I thought of posting a picture post. Try to relate and have fun 🙂


Parents..what the f?


I am one of these 😛


Are you?


Jewel :*


specially when you live in Mumbai where its super hot!


Jewel and Zeenat 😛



Said it today 😛

wp_ss_20140502_0001 (1)

I bet this is everyone’s case.


Shikha that’s for you.




Or packs of Cheetos.


Love it! 😛


And food *_*


my neighbors love saying yes.




You know I am pointing at you.


Well I hate you Tanay for this :/


Sanjeev -_-





Still trying to be funny :/



Yes, it is.


A girl’s response to every guy.


Thank you mom :*




That’s Aditya’s reaction my “I’m hungry”


school times ❤


Imagination it is!


Specially when you enter a wrong class room.


While writing this post it happened to me 😛

wp_ss_20140611_0004 (1)

2pm is my time!


we turn as fast as Usain Bolt.


they do need one of that.


Specially in front of those Wanna be’s.



Jewel are you fine?


I will buy a mansion!


All the time!


And much more..


Well food gives you the best feeling, no offense. 😛


yes :/




This one made my day.. lmfao!


Well you can wipe that part with a toilet paper. XD


Zaid let it go!


And you call me anti-social. -_-


Prayag that’s my reaction to your stories.


Old people!


Because you don’t it to be awkward.


And sometimes Japanese music!




Hope you enjoyed. thanks for visiting 🙂