Not so Fake!

When I liked you,

You called me Desperate.

When I brought you flowers,

You called me cheap.

When I sent you things,

You called me creepy.

When I fought myself to be with you,

You called me pricey.

When I cleared my schedule for you,

You called me jobless.

When I embraced you,

You said you liked it too.

When I confessed my love to you,

You said you never felt the same way.

When I tried to move on so you could be happy,

You called me FAKE!

What is this puzzle of life?

I am lost for someone and yet discovering myself time to time.

I bow down to you, oh! myself…

Because you’re the one to guide me,

and you’re the one to try me!

This is a poem by me, hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading ūüôā



‚Äú…There are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it.‚ÄĚ -Frantz Fanon.

This is a Reality check for some people who can’t withstand the following events. So I wrote this post with few facts which they really need to know so they can open their eyes and mind and see the world the way it should be seen and not the way they want it to be!


1) What’s the harm in skirts of short cloths?

It’s really unfortunate when people say,¬†you can’t wear skirts or a girl can’t dress in a certain way. Are we going back in the dark ages?”


I do not understand why do people have negative thoughts about a girl who wears short clothes! Don’ t they like to dress up and feel good when they go some place nice? It’s a normal girl under those clothes who is trying to look pretty, feel nice and lives a normal life like they do. People call her slut,shameless or ugly! That’s not going help her in any way. People need to know that everything is perfectly fine with her, just the difference is they are wasting their time and energy spreading negativity and she is happily enjoying her life!


2)Strength of a rape Victim!

‚ÄúI just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?‚ÄĚ -Laurie Halse Anderson,


Have you came across a person who is a rape victim? I have, and let me tell you ¬†she is one the bravest person I have known in my journey. She is 21 years old and went through the incident when she was 17 years old. Getting raped at such an early age she had to go through a lot. At her college people mocked her, the society called her names and what not! But she never lost her¬†confidence¬†and her will power to stand back on her feet and show everyone she is still the same girl. She kept ignoring such people. At times she broke down but her family and close friends were the one who held her up! And now she works for 10 NGO’s and helps people. She is a reason for hundreds of people’s smile.So, next time you come across such a person rather than feeling sad or giving sympathy to the person or thinking wrong about her, feel proud and get inspired and respect her for her willpower and hard work which many of us lack!


3) Do You Call Yourself A Man?

“Part of being a man is to take¬†responsibilities for your success and your failure”


“Man” when you hear this word the you might start thinking of a man who is strong,¬†Charismatic, built up and rich! But is this really what a man is?? A person who¬†vows to protect his girl and then abuses her at home is that a man? When a person who loves his girl, his mother and his sister and then rapes a¬†unknown¬†girl¬†¬†is that a man? When a person needs help and the person just walks by, is that a man? A man is a person who respect’s women, knows his limits, knows to use his words and knows to take¬†responsibilities¬†of himself and his family. So, next time you see a person who lacks these qualities, that person is not a “Man” but a “Male”


4) Social Sites Ranters!

“The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”


So here I present You all, The most jobless people on the entire earth. wait…In the¬†entire¬†universe! ¬†These people will spam your news feed with posts like..“share if you care” “don’t do the ALS ice bucket challenge” “Like if you care”¬†etc..But in reality they don’t do damn thing for any of the cause. They will probably give you an hour lecture on how bad plastic is for the environment and they are the same people who buys plastic bag from the¬†grocery¬†shop. They will post statuses ¬†about¬†“stop rape”¬†But when there is an actually rally for it to make the laws stronger for rape cases they will probably sit at home browsing the internet and sipping their coffee. For such people I have a message.¬†“GET REAL! stop living in the virtual world and come out and actually do something humanity. And if you can’t do anything then please shut the F up!”


5) Being Gay Isn’t A Sin!

You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – people are people”¬†–Judith Light


Have you ever loved someone? I am sure you have. But the question¬†arises, with the person of same or opposite sex? You will probably get angry and reply, ” obviously! opposite sex.” Let’s focus on that anger for a moment. Is there anything wrong if someone loves a person of same sex? I don’t think so. Feelings are bound to get attracted for someone. The person is¬†“Homosexual” so what? he is just a normal person who loves a person of the same gender. He dreams of becoming something like you do, acts and reacts the way you. People mock such person, tease him, bully him and call him names. At such a point the only thing i can say is, “These people are blind and can’t see the world beyond that curve which earth has.Their¬†vision¬†is¬†limited.” And as person religious point of view, it also says “don’t use condom” but is that healthy? Of course not!I am not offending any religion but trying to prove a point here. Being Homosexual is not something bad or wrong, Some people really need to know this fact! You really need to know that, people can love whoever they want. You should only have a problem when the person does something to you which is less likely to happen. I hope each and every country passes the LGBT rights in this coming decade.¬†AND PEOPLE, OPEN YOUR EYES!


I didn’t mean to offend anyone here! Please share your thoughts about the post in the comments and do let me know about any corrections.¬†Thanks for visiting and reading. ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬†