Not so Fake!

When I liked you,

You called me Desperate.

When I brought you flowers,

You called me cheap.

When I sent you things,

You called me creepy.

When I fought myself to be with you,

You called me pricey.

When I cleared my schedule for you,

You called me jobless.

When I embraced you,

You said you liked it too.

When I confessed my love to you,

You said you never felt the same way.

When I tried to move on so you could be happy,

You called me FAKE!

What is this puzzle of life?

I am lost for someone and yet discovering myself time to time.

I bow down to you, oh! myself…

Because you’re the one to guide me,

and you’re the one to try me!

This is a poem by me, hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂


With Bare Hands Only.

Bare Hands Only!

Surrounded with family and friends and yet so lonely,
Trying to fight myself with bare hands only.
It feels like I am drowning in my feelings,
With nothing to support me, not even railings.
With life turning dark as black,
The power of support is all I lack.
I feel like a slave; the one who has no life meaning,
Banging my head on the wall, screaming out loud for some hearing.
Everything seems blue with me choking on my own breathe,
With life goals filled with holes are being the reason for my death.
I am stung by my mind and can’t think further,
All paralyzed waiting for myself to render.
That void of frowning and tears which never closes,
All the energy I have ever gathered,
have fallen on the floor and has been shattered.
I won’t give up, I won’t die,
Because, I know this is all a lie.
Surrounded with family and friends and yet so lonely,
Trying to fight myself with bare hands only!

This is a poem written by me. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂

A Mixed Feeling Poem.

How big is the Universe?

How did time start?

Will we ever meet again?

There’s not a lot of freedom, but there’s a lot of drama

And this drama is a part of everyone’s trauma

In my life the flower’s petals and purple metals,

I wish the cherry was an orange berry and my golden moon is a emotional boon.

“Should I really love someone?” I think as I am scared to commit.

There are many questions I need answers of,

Then I look in the mirror and think of you and say, ” I will manage it, I will Miss you and I love you.


Thanks for reading visiting. This poem is meant to confuse people and the same time you could relate few things to yourself If I succeed in doing that. Hit the like button and follow me as I post weekly 🙂

A Farewell.

Oh Avi! Oh Avi! Oh Avi!

You’re my friend, you’re my life,

Without you I am nothing alike,

You are strong because you can fight,

Your emotional endurance is just very high.

You came into my life with a piece of advice,

Which looked as beautiful as a red rose blooming on dry ice.

Your sweet voice warms my heart,

Your jokes cools my mind.

Your voice is like jelly bean,

I guess thats why you remind me of Mr.Bean.

You are hilarious, loving and caring,

But, the way you say “Auto” and “Aiyo” is way too amusing.

You are the most supportive friend I have ever got,

And my love will last for you until a plastic flower rots.

I will always be there for you no matter how far you go,

And you will achieve success wherever you will go.

I wish you all the best for your new chapter of life,

I hope you will enjoy it in every bite.

And as always I will say, “see you soon,”

because you are my moon.

Oh Avi! Oh Avi! Oh Avi!

 Its for my friend who is moving to another town for study purposes. Thanks for visiting and reading. If you liked it click the like button and comment with your views and don’t forget to share. Ciao! 🙂

To My Future love.

 I am a lonely little heart who needs some love.

 I always keep looking high and low to find some love.

 I look at my right, I look at my left.

 I search around till I feel I want to rest.

 Finally my search came to an end when i first saw you.

 It was a feeling of happiness which came to me only because of you.

 Your eyes reminded me of the ocean which is blue,

 I wish I was the sky so I could be all over you.

 I felt your heart when you hugged me,

 It was a feeling of love which just craved me.

 I wish we could always be together reading books or gazing at sky,

 Your sweet voice always makes me high.

 We will always be together and I know it’s a fact,

 because we have each other’s brain which we can always intact.

 Now my poem comes to an end,

 because i have many things to say but less lines,

 I wish we will meet soon and dance in the gloomy light,

 because I am you’re Romeo and you’re my Juliet.

It was a short poem by me. Hope you all liked it. Thanks for visiting and reading 🙂